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Thursday, November 26, 2009


happy thanksgiving!!! it's my favorite time of year. i want to share with you one of our traditions that i love. last year we found a branch outside and turned it into our thanksgiving tree. we cut leaves from paper, tie them with string, write what we are thankful for and hang them on our tree. then whenever we have anyone come to our house we have them add their leaf to our tree. it's so fun to watch our tree grow as thanksgiving gets closer and to see all the things we are thankful for. this year mia even wrote her own leaf. she was so proud to be able to write all of her letters and add her leaf that she had done to the tree.

so here's a short list of the things that we are so very blessed and thankful for this year:

*our Father God and His amazing love, protection, provision and presence in our lives

*family - near and far who all bless us and whom we all love!!

*my kids - i would write this any year but especially after being at an orphange with children who so desperately need someone to love them, someone to cuddle them, someone to show them how amazing they are and to tell them they are beautiful, wonderful and precious. i am so blessed by each of my little heavenly blessing and that we are all together.

*our little one on the way!!

*friends - who make us smile, support us, share their lives with us and bless us always

*amazing opportunities -in so many areas of our lives we have had opportunities this year that have been life changing from our marriage growing stronger, closer and more connected to the business world where pete is following God on an amazing journey to travelling to africa to love on the forgotten to being able to simply be present everyday with amazing children who show us God's face and teach us something new everyday

we love all of you and enjoy sharing our lives with you. we wish you the very best today and a very happy thanksgiving full of blessings and love!

1 comment:

Bernat said...

Hi, I love your blog.
Today I was writting in mine, and just visit "next blog" button, and you were there.
I discovered your world and your favourite music on your profile.
I created my blog to help new immigrants to Canada ( like me), in their "pursuit of happiness", but is in Spanish.

Have a great week for you and your family.