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Saturday, February 27, 2010

the little man

(think this is how he felt about his day overall)

so eli had an adventurous week last week as well. he got to go to riley children's hospital to see a pediatric urologist. he was so good, so sweet and seemed so little while we were there. he was so ready to play after being in the car. we had to wait for quite awhile. he began to get fussy and then get really upset. it was time to play, he was out of his seat, he's 19 months old, he's trapped in a small exam room. and i began to think. why am i doing this? why am i making him stay in this room? is it really the end of the world if he wonders up and down the halls while we wait for the doctor? why do we as mom's sometimes feel more obligated to "appease" adults we don't even know then our precious children? besides, it's a children's hospital right? they are used to kids and even if they aren't who is my priority? so, out into the hall we went and out came his little smile and his giggle and the twinkle in his eye. i love that twinkle. it's the one that usually means he's up to something or that he's getting to do something he thinks he's not really supposed to be doing. then came the doctor (who was completely fine with us playing "chase" in the hallways) to assess my little mister. and blessing of blessings he said he could handle everything that day instead of having to come back another day. it had been a prayer of mine ... to be able to handle everything in one day but the medical realist in me figured best shot we would come back another day and things would get fixed in the office instead of the operating room. my God is so good and made my wildest prayer a reality!!

my wonderful friend alli was completely fine keeping the big kids with her at the children's museum. she was the most amazing blessing and you have to check out her blog for cute pictures of what the big kids were doing while we were running in the halls (it's actually here, here and here). =) mia and asher had a blast playing and want to go back soon despite the long car ride it takes to get there. so, needless to say we got everything taken care of in one trip and were so blessed in so many ways by so many people. thank you again to alli and bella for playing and being so willing to help out and make the day so very fun for mia and asher.


gianna said...

Being pregnant can complicate things too. Our little mister needed to have another surgery and then a follow up after it and another hearing check after that. Okay, baby coming! totally need to schedule around the completely unknown! Oh, boy!

Susan said...

You caught a great photo of this little guy! How you got him to stay still long enough to take this is amazing to me :-)

Susan said...

Copied this picture and have it at my desk at work...when i need a smile I give it a look and voila! a smile and a laugh appear! Yea for GRANDchildren!

The Maines Family Blog said...

We loved seeing you all even though it was quick and your kids were great! We had a lot of fuN!
So glad you were able to get your little guy taking care of in one visit!