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Monday, June 14, 2010

flowers with mana

we are so very blessed to have grandparents who live close. we know this is a blessing that not every family is able to enjoy. we treasure it. we try hard to foster the ever growing, expanding, loving relationships that our children have with our amazing parents. and we adore it when grandparents stop by just because.

we got that treat at the end of last week. mana stopped by with flowers to plant and basically just to hang out a little before her big colorado trip to see our new cousin laila rose (we are super jealous!!). we had a wonderful morning getting dirty and getting flowers into the big flower box in front of the house.
mia was more into the flowers,
asher was very into the shovel
(which soon became a weapon to take down any incriminating weeds)
and eli just loved the dirt.

it was one of those mornings that memories are made from. yes, the big trips are nice and will be remembered but what i'm talking about are the things that happen everyday that make up the fondest memories of childhood. those things that happen so often you almost take them for granted but really are the things that make your family yours. for us watching the loving, laughing, genuine relationships they have with the four amazing people they call grandparents is part of that. today is an example of the moments they get to share now that will be the memories they treasure later.

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librariane said...

Have you heard of the 'Week in the Life' project? You should consider doing one!