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Thursday, July 22, 2010


we went blueberry picking a little while ago with some friends. it has to be one of my favorite summer activities. i don't know why. it's always hot, there is no shade. this year i had to try to nurse ethan sitting in the dirt, practically under a bush so we could get a little shade.
but i love to fill my bucket with those berries
knowing we will make yummy treats when we get home
and nibble on them for days.

love to nibble on them straight from the bush,
and watch my kids eat way more berries
then they put in their buckets

i usually try to take a few pictures as we go and still try to at least fill my bucket so we have some to take home. well, this year while i was nursing ethan, mia grabbed the camera. she had a blast taking pictures (remember we talked about her love of photography here). so, 95 - yes, 95, pictures later she relinquished the camera and resumed her focus on the berries. so in honor of her new love all the pictures in this post are ones she took. including the ones below ....

aren't they silly??

isaac and the my boys got a hold of the bug spray and enjoyed "shooting" everything within range. needless to say, we had to make a little more when we got home.

grace, her favorite subject

proof that eli will NOT wear shoes ... anywhere.
and sometimes, it's just not worth the fight.
we found his shoes later
as well as a picture to prove when he'd taken them off.

and like her daddy she loves to take pictures of her feet.


gianna said...

those pictures are AWESOME! Way to go Mia!

librariane said...

She is seriously a natural! Hopefully you can encourage this later when she's old enough to take a summer school class or something of the sort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these! It was a fun morning! I love how much Mia gravitates towards Grace! So cute! And sorry about the bug spray! I guess maybe a spray bottle would be a good gift for him!
Liz Yost