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Monday, July 12, 2010

cherry picking party

recently we were invited to a cherry picking party. friends of ours have a cherry tree that produces fruit every other year and they invited us over to help them harvest some of the beautiful cherries. of course, when you have little ones (especially girls) any event is reason to have a party and naturally that includes cupcakes! so we packed up the kids and headed over. the daddies went back to get our ladders so everyone could have one and then into the tree we went.

the cherries were beautiful ... but wow, were they tart. my friends son did not seem to notice though. he was popping them into his mouth, pit and all.

go, rusty, go

the girls were the most into the actually picking. they had a blast trying to fill their bowls as full as they could and were having the daddies move the ladders to just the right spots so they could pick. all of this done in pretty dresses of course.
the boys wanted to pick but i think it was mostly just to climb the ladders. they often took breaks to ride bikes or play with the balls. asher did a great job and would fill his bowl, then go run and play for awhile, then start the cycle over. of course eli, was true to himself and either had a ball in his hand or was trying to scale the ladder by himself with a grown-up quickly following him as he usually picked the tallest one.

here daddy, you eat it!

when the picking was done my friend had cupcakes all ready to be decorated and then enjoyed. she let us borrow their cherry pitter (need to get one of those. love it!) and when we got home i made a cherry crumble. lots of extra sugar to curb the tartness but it was worth it. the dessert was great.

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