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Monday, July 12, 2010


so i am not always the best at making decisions. i'm not talking about the little ones like where to go to dinner or what to do that day. those i can do, no problem. when it comes to big things i tend to drag my feet. if i'm being honest i think it's sometimes that i'm afraid i'll make the wrong decision. and with this decision i don't want to make the wrong one. you see, it's time for mia to go to kindergarten and this is how i find mia most days ....

always with paper and pen in hand writing, drawing, composing letters to her friends or family members. she often takes her notepad with us to the beach, on walks, or anywhere we go. she loves to learn. she was literally in tears a little while ago because she wants to be able to read so badly. i want to make the best choice for her ... and for us.

there are several choices from public school to charter schools. from 1/2 day to full day. but i'm also really seriously considering homeschool too. go ahead, call me crazy (you won't be the first). yes, i know i have three other little kids. yes, i know it would be one more thing to keep track of. yes, i know she needs to have time to socialize (believe me, i've heard this alot). but ... yes, we could do her school day in about 30 minutes. yes, it would offer us flexibility both on a daily basis and as a family. yes, we could go at her pace (um, think reading might be a focus for her??). and yes, to be honest she would be with me. i've been working for the past year and a half and i missed her.
there is something something in my spirit that is leading me to consider a choice i never would have entertained years ago. there is something about not sending her away right now. i know she is growing up. it's not about keeping her little. it's about keeping her close for a little while longer. about letting her (and us) enjoy our days a little while longer without schedules and deadlines and have-tos. it's about letting her begin to explore things in more ways then a classroom of 25 has the time or man-power to do. about getting to watch her learn and explore.

i'm open. i'm undecided. or maybe i'm not. either way i would love to know you're thoughts and ideas on the subject.


librariane said...

I know several families that homeschooled the first few years and then sent their kids off to public school. It worked great! They got to be somewhat Montessori, but still gave guidance on subjects the kids wouldn't choose on their own. They also were able to have their kids start 'school' when they were ready.

The key is what is best for Mia, really. Will she thrive at public school? Does she need the smaller class size of private? Can you truly give her the attention and motivation she needs for homeschooling?

gianna said...

I like what Ruhama has to say. As for me, I'm excited to see Maya go to school, but I tell you if something happens and the school isn't taking care of her, they will hear from me AND I will seriously consider pulling her out and doing homeschool (by that point our little one will be a little bigger, too so that would be helpful. Not that he's a handful. It's his older brother who is the handful.) You could always do it the other way around, too. Send her to public school for a while and then when she is not going to need so much one on one instruction see if she would be interested in homeschooling. That's always a possibility, too. There are so many different options out there!

Elizabeth said...

I have a friend that did homeschooling for their first child for the first 2 years. Mom was a teacher SAHM and had 2 other kids at home. She said that it was much harder than she had thought it would be. I like what Ruhama said also.

I ams sure whatever decision you make it will be the right one.

Megan Casteel said...

I came to your blog from A Place Called Simplicity and I just couldn't resist commenting here. From reading your recent posts, you seem like a kindred spirit to me, so I want to encourage you to try homeschooling. I homeschool my kids, well 3 of them, and the other 3 are younger. You can do it! It's not too hard! God will provide you with everything you need to be able to do it. It will bless you and your kids so much, for all the reasons you wrote down already and many more. It is sooo worth it, and soon you forget the reasons you had for NOT homeschooling. (I don't have a blog so I am just signing my name.)
If you don't have any homeschooling friends, you are welcome to email me if you have any questions. mandmcasteel@msn.com

The Maines Family Blog said...

You will decide what is best for your family and Mia...you will know!