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Thursday, July 1, 2010

fun, sun and friends

asher, eli, our new friend billy, mia, claire, emily & bella

some of my girlfriends from college drove up to see us. we met at the beach and had a blast. we had 7 kids 5 and under and they were all amazing! it was a perfect beach day where the sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm and there was a gentle breeze. after we figured out how to put up the little beach cabana to keep ethan out of the sun we opened up the picnic lunches. we were glad to all fit under the cabana as the seagulls were very happily trying to share our lunches with us.

little ethan

the kids had so much fun playing at the water's edge in the waves,

digging in the sand,
mia (above) and claire (below)

running on the beach and just enjoying our day.

asher found a friend who shared a sword!!

beautiful bella

emily had a great time helping me keep tabs on eli.

then we had a wonderful time playing outside at our house. it was one of those days where naps are forgotten and it's worth it to enjoy friends and a wonderful summer day. pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert. it was a wonderful day that ended in a pj fashion show as our friends packed up to head home. we were so very glad they came!!

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The Maines Family Blog said...

It was a GREAT day!!! Thanks for having us and hope we can do it sooner than later!!!