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Monday, July 26, 2010

happy birthday

so my sweet little eli turned 2 this weekend. how can that be?? didn't he just come home all swaddled in my arms? i love the picture above. he was still. he was close. he felt he needed me. that doesn't happen much anymore and my heart treasures those few precious moments when it does.

now he is 2. he runs ... everywhere. he jumps, he laughs, he flies through the air onto couches and chairs. he doesn't do anything quietly ... anything. his name actually means "mouthpiece of God" and pete often comments as we hear eli yelling through the house that he was named most appropriately.

he has some crazy hair. it is the most amazing soft blonde that will not stay down in the back. like the rest of him it beats to it's own drum and goes where it wants. my sweet little two year old definately has his own drum. he knows what he wants. he has a boldness about him that will serve him well when he is older. nothing frightens or intimidates him. he does not know what a challenge is. he does not know how to hold back. he is learning his independence and reminds us often that he has his own ideas about how things should go.

yet he is still a little boy who carries his blanket around by one corner letting the rest of it drag behind him. a little one with his thumb in his mouth when the activities of his busy day seem to over take him and his little body gets tired. a little one who loves to read. and though he's apt to throw the book at you it is only because throwing is his most favorite thing to do.

i have never seen a child more obsessed with balls. any kind. it does not matter. his birthday was perfect as each new box, bag and gift contained yet another ball of some kind. his little face just lit up each time. it was pure joy for him to discover so many new balls to play with. we play catch endlessly especially when i sit down to nurse his little brother (i am getting pretty good catching a ball single handedly and with my left hand let me tell you!). it melted my heart to see his smile and his excitement with each gift.

as daddy tucked him in that night he sleepily whispered
"yes, buddy, you got a lot of balls today."
"do you want to sleep with one?"
a very tired "yeeah."
and so he did. curled up with his ball he fell asleep.
adorable and sweet and adventurous and bold.
that is my little eli as he turns 2.

my little man with his birthday hat on!

(and yes, i made the cake. hooray for cake class!!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the cake! It looks great! And I can't believe he is two already! What a little sweetie! Today he looked up as I was taking Grace out of the nursery and said "Bye, Grace!" So cute!
Liz Yost