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Thursday, July 29, 2010


we spend alot of time in our backyard. alot. we are blessed with a nice size yard and a great playscape that the kids love. the kids spend hours out there swinging, sliding, driving and pretending. i love to listen to their playtimes and follow their imaginations. it's amazing to me. sometimes they are on a pirate ship. sometimes in a house. sometimes it's a rocket to the moon complete with space walks to rescue lost lovies that have floated away and must be reached by a quick evacuation down the slide.
eli's baby swing just got replaced by a big boy swing, much to his excitement. he had mia push him endlessly when it first got up and then she taught him how to swing on his belly. he still wants her to push him ... just while he's on his belly now.

asher is now the "little fireman" and is usually in his fireman outfit. he protects us all by putting out the fires and ensuring that everyone, especially his siblings are all okay. he drives to the fire and slides down the slide to be sure he can get there fast enough.

they had so much fun playing together on the slide and landing all in one big heap at the bottom. mia and asher would scale the slide while eli gleefully "crashed" into the on his way down resulting in tons of giggles and smiles and laughter. it's these moments when they all play together and laugh together and love each other that i think "okay, see we're doing something right." and it makes my heart light and i treasure it.

you capture - "play"

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gianna said...

And then one comes up with a bloody nose and you think, "Okay. Well, at least they were having fun!"