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Monday, July 26, 2010

so sweet

meet keyson. honestly one of the sweetest boys i have ever known. he is soft spoken and shy with the tenderest heart. mia is always running around church and forever bringing keyson with her where ever she goes. he is always the first person she invites to her birthday every year. she always makes sure that he is taken care of and never left out because he is a little more quiet then some of the other kids. and he so very sweetly just goes along with whatever mia is up to at the time.

well, he had these beautiful flowers growing in his yard. he had to pick one and he told his mom that he needed to bring it to mia. he insisted (or so his mom told me) that the flower needed to go to mia. so that's exactly what happened. he and his mom dropped by to present mia with the flower he knew she would love. he was right. it has been sitting on a table in her room ever since. isn't he so sweet??


love said...

i had NO idea you were blogging again until a few days ago! i'm subscribing now! [also? come over!!!] =)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! He is such a sweetheart! And totally adores Mia!

Liz Yost