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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


we have a transition going on in our house.
my little eli is growing up.
(asher did this to me too!)
he's realizing that he's a boy
which means he wants to be just like his daddy.
i am no longer the go-to person.
daddy is requested for everything ...
help with anything
comforting when he's hurt or scared
eli follows daddy everywhere
does everything just.like.daddy.
so this is how i find him usually...
running up to daddy,
tackling daddy
following daddy or
in daddy's arms.

i miss the days when i was his world.
when i was his comfort, his safety
but i know he is learning
even at 2
what it means to be a man.
and that is something
i can not teach him.
so i am grateful and blessed
that he has a wonderful daddy
and that someday
he will be just.like.daddy!

1 comment:

gianna said...

Amen, sista! And how good is it to have a daddy that will try to dig the rocks out of the back of his head when he falls because goodness knows this mama can't even look at the wound in the back of his head!