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Thursday, July 1, 2010

wedding weekend

this past weekend we were able to celebrate my cousin's wedding. it was a wonderful weekend full of family, fun, festivites, love and craziness. mia was the flower girl and she completely loved every minute of getting to be with katie (the bride) and all the bridesmaids. katie was a gorgeous bride and we absolutely adore garrett. they are a wonderful couple and we have a great time with them every time we get to see them. we loved getting to share their day with them.

it was a gorgeous day filled with fun little moments and tons of family. mia got to go in the morning and get her hair done "with the big girls". she did great sitting in the chair patiently while the lady curled and twisted and bobby pinned her hair ... and then started over. her only comment to me was a simple "mom, this is taking a lot longer then i thought it would." the girls were wonderful to her and she had fun sitting with them, nibbling breakfast treats and coloring them all pictures. her little face was adorable as she watched every detail of the day. she was so excited for katie to get into her dress. she patiently waited her turn to take pictures. she proudly accepted the idea of helping the ring bearer down the aisle. she did great standing in front of the church (until her papa stuck his tongue out at her and she had to return the favor).

after the wedding she had a blast playing in the garden with her cousin tori. they were simply adorable and it was so fun to hear them giggle and laugh and play.
the boys did great. ethan hung out with mia and me and was cuddled and held by all. the big boys got to hang out with daddy and the extended family and play in the pool at the hotel. eli happily sat in the back of the church calling out mia's name at the top of his lungs during the ceremony. asher was completely transfixed by the whole event. he was heard numerous times telling people that katie was "the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in the whole world." he wanted to spend every minute of the reception with her and garrett. it was adorable.

the next morning we were able to have brunch with the extended family at my aunt and uncle's house. though i still don't feel like i got enough time with everyone it was great to connect and play together a little more. ethan and asher got some good time with great grandma which is always a wonderful thing.

and you know it's a good weekend when this is what you see in the rearview mirror about 2 minutes after pulling out onto the road. isn't he so sweet??

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