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Monday, August 9, 2010

da bears

over the weekend we headed to chicago to finish celebrating eli's birthday.  we opted out of the normal birthday party thing, trading it in for the bears family night.  we had never been and thought our sports fanatic would love it.  we were right! 

they had all kinds of things to do before the game.  we got fun bears necklaces that turned the back of everyone's neck blue.  the kids got to attempt a field goal and got bears shaped silly bands for their efforts.  we got to hear the percussion line play (the same line that plays as the players enter the field).  they had a band playing and the kids loved dancing in the grass while we waited for the rest of the family to get off work and join us.

eli was in heaven with all the ball things that were going on.  once inside the stadium things actually slowed down as the team was practicing (we thought it would be more of a scrimmage).  eventually though they went to some 7 on 7 plays and then even a few 11 on 11.  eli had a great time yelling "FROW IT" and "OOOOH!" when a player missed a catch. 

we were waaaaay past bedtime anyway so we decided to stay for the fireworks.  well, the show ended up being right over our seats.  i have never been that close to fireworks. ever.  with each kiddo in a different grown-ups lap and lots of ear covering we had a good time watching them and seeing all the pretty colors and designs.

at the end of the night i asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was.  the response - "getting candy".  seriously??  yup.  see uncle dave handed asher money for candy toward the end of the night and he immediately grabbed uncle jimmy to take him and mia to go find some.  it was the highlight for the big kids that they got to get candy so late at night.  in my heart i am believing that really it was the time together as a family and all the fun things we got to do and see.   .... okay, and the candy!

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The Maines Family Blog said...

WOW...it looks like it was great Sunday with the family!