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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

warning - change is coming

okay so here's the warning. i'm changing the name of the blog. i know, call me crazy. it's just the name of a blog right? but see it's been coming for awhile. i started the blog just to get it started and didn't really think about the name. just wanted to get started. but you see i want the things i do to be intentional and purposeful. so yes, even the name of the blog matters.

see to me it's not our world (as the current title seems to imply) it's HIS world and this is just our little life. our little life that we are using to raise amazing kids to love Him. our little life that we are using to LOVE as many as we can. our little life that we want to glorify Him with. our little life that we hope leaves His footprint on your heart when you spend time with us. our little life that we have been blessed with and want to do our best with.

so, starting tomorrow we'll have a new address. you can find us at justourlittlelife.blogspot. i know this will mess some of you up. i know there may be "bugs" with this concept. i know this will mean we miss some of you for a while until you can find us again. but i also know that even, here, i want everything to be intentional and for Him ... becaue He has done so much for me.

1 comment:

gianna said...

I'm sure the Lord is smiling at your intention to love Him! I love it! i think somehow you can make it possible to have people who are using The Wilson's World address to send them automatically to justourlittlelife.

Ask Ruhama. She would know. :)