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Monday, January 17, 2011

cuddle spots

it is old.
it squeaks. terribly. 
it is stained and worn.
it is faded and the side pocket has been torn. both of them. 

at times i am frustrated by this.  
having to hunt down the WD40...again.  
and then try to find that silly little straw thing so the stuff doesn't make a mess everywhere.  

but then i remember.  
i remember sitting with mia when we first brought her home.  
holding her close and being in total awe of my precious little girl.  
staring down into asher's sweet little face 
and realizing that my heart was expanding beyond what i thought was possible.  
singing to eli the way i had to his siblings and cuddling him close.
and now i sit with ethan and treasure the way he drifts off to sleep in my arms.

and i realize that this chair ... with all its imperfections
has been in constant use for over 5 years now.
multiple times a day.
helping me cuddle my little ones,
love them, protect them, 
soothe them.

and all thoughts of a replacement chair are pushed aside
as sentiment washes over me 
and we squeak a little more.

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