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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a day in the life

hello friends.  so today is just a day in the life.  nothing on the agenda today.  no have-tos or gottas.  so here's what we did.  headed to the YMCA and got to walk a little, catch up with friends and play in the gym. home to see more friends, catch a little movie, relax, get some lunch.  a little wii action for the big kids while the little boys were cuddled and tucked in for naps.  more friends (oh how we love that). school was had, giggles ensued as mia decided that a game of "war" was in our math curriculum for the day.  eli needed to help me and up into my lap he climbed.  the silliness escalated as cards began flying.  he was flipping cards over her head, across the table, on the floor and every once in awhile actually landing one on the table where it belonged.  his little hands couldn't get to the cards fast enough.  she was laughing as she called out who won each hand.  so while asher protected us all from those pesky bad guys and ethan played happily at my feet eli and i took on mia in a game of war that finally had to be called on a count of dinner.

oh and by the way.... mia won, dinner was great and an impromptu dance party afterwards was the perfect end to our day.  hope you enjoyed your day too!

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