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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oh so tired today.  ethan is teething again and so he and i are seeing each other much more often in the middle of the night then i am used to now.  poor mister.  but it does make for a tired mama.  wanted to be offended by the lack of listening, the constantly repeating myself for the thousandth time, the fact that we were late to meet a friend.  but i was reminded and i chose to love instead.  to relax.  to remember that this time is short.  that this day is precious and will never happen again.  to take a deep breath, forgive myself for the bumpy start of the morning and ask my kids to forgive me too.  and then we went on with our fun day.  refreshing chat with a dear friend.  playing and wrestling with three giggling nonstop movers.  cuddles with a sweet little one who loves to grin. school day done on the floor together. watching my kids take care of each other and their love for each other.  pancakes for dinner - just because we can. and valentines for an orphan in kenya. (more on valentines later)

hope you got some love today too and that your day was full of little moments that made you smile.

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