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Friday, January 7, 2011


so i really want to do a 365 project.  you know the one where you take a picture everyday for a year.  of course it's only the 7th and i'm behind.  so perhaps for me it will be a nearly 365 project and we'll just see what happens.  (it's amazing how that working thing gets in the way).  i know we'll still get lots of fun moments and my goal is to improve my photo skills along the way.  i'll share some from me tomorrow but for today just want to update you on the recent ones we've had taken.

mia - 5
asher - 4

eil - 2

ethan - 5 month (now he's 8)


our friend volunteered to take some family pics for us at a local park this fall and we gladly took him up on the offer.  here are some of our favorite shots.  i'm not really into pictures where everyone has to look at the camera.  it's not that i'm really opposed to it.  it's just that they always come off looking so staged most of the time.  i much prefer the ones that capture our family as we are....playing, laughing, just being us. 

us - just as we are

i love ethan's face here!

the photos that capture the true emotion of our family.  the love that is here.  the laughter that is here.  the spirits of my children.  you can see mia's grace, asher's caring heart, eli's love of adventure and ethan's emerging personality that still loves the safety of loving arms.  the pictures below are some of the ones that are just more of my favorites.  i love, love, love the one of mia and asher. 

best friends

no words ... just love!

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Shauna said...

Beautiful Pics my friend!