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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

picture learning

so i have been trying to take more pictures lately.  trying to capture those moments in our life that are really just us.  not staged, not posed, not planned but still intentional, true, real.  over the past several days i pulled out the camera and tried to do just that.  i have a lot to learn.  i am hoping to take some steps in the next few weeks to begin that process.  in the meantime here's what i got....

thoughts - he grins and you have to grin with him.  he giggles and you have to laugh too.  i love that his eyes light up when i come in the room.  that he finds joy in simple little things.  may that always be true.

thoughts - this one was taken right after naps.  i love his quizzical look at me.  i love when he first wakes up.  the way his hair goes every which way and does it's own thing.  the tired little eyes that are just waking up and beginning to focus. that sleepy far off look that lasts a longer then he thinks it does. the way he wants to snuggle close for a little bit.  i will enjoy that for as long as i can as i know soon enough he will be taller than i am, bigger than i am and no longer fit in my lap.

thoughts - feel the need to comment on both pictures of my sweet asher.  how amazingly i feel this picture captures his spirit. quiet, contemplative, compassionate, so very very sweet.  introspective and mature beyond his years.  

thoughts - and then there is his smile.  he grin that melts your heart. just awake and ready for the next thing.  ready to play, to learn, to just be and enjoy.  oh how this picture makes me want to find him in the house and squeeze him and kiss him and grin right back at his sweet, sweet little face.


gianna said...

Your boys are amazing! And you may think you have a lot to learn, but I think this pictures are beautiful as well as the thoughts.

The Maines Family Blog said...

Such sweet, adorable, little boys you have!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You're doing great! I love that 3rd shot!