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Friday, January 21, 2011

quote of the week

i have always tried to write down some of the funny things the kids say.  i have been somewhat successful but for the sake of ease and my sanity i am going to try to do it here instead.  it's just one less thing to try to keep up on.  so for our first installment here's the quote this week....

pete: what do you want for lunch?
eli: mac and cheese
pete: sorry buddy. can't make mac & cheese. we are out of butter.
eli: make it!
pete: i can't make butter.
eli: mama does. =)

and this is a true statement.  i've been reading the little house books to mia and we made butter one day to get an idea what it was like when laura was a little girl.  so, be careful what you do as a project.  it may come back to haunt you =)

1 comment:

Cousin Julie said...

This story is so incredibly sweet and it definitely made me smile, Nat. I love it!