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Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday silliness

so today was one of my favorite kinds of days.  off we went to church.  worship is always amazing and i'm sure i will post soon on the things that are going on during worship.  God is amazing and His presence is so sweet.  we are on a fun ride and i'm not quite ready to discuss all of it but it's sooo good!  then we headed straight to pete's parents house to hang out with the family and watch some football.  it was perfect and relaxing and fun ... and our team won!  the uncles and grandpa got loud.  the kids reminded them there was no yelling.  the adults got to watch the game and talk.  the cousins played together.  and though not everyone in the family was able to make it it was fun .... and silly. 

i love the sound of the kids laughing.  the adults chasing them.  the nerf guns came out and the volume went up.  bullets were flying, everyone was laughing and the "dead" could only be revived by kisses.  as we were all getting ready to leave eli and daddy began to get silly.  pete was twirling eli around and the sound of his giggle was making the rest of us crack up.  he was so busy moving and swinging off his daddy that he is literally a blur in all the pictures.

 hope you had a wonderful sunday too!

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