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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the week

so i really want to take more pictures.  i really want to post more here.  i really want to combine those two things.  i'll be working on it.  we'll see what happens.  right now though, i'm temporarily back at work.  filling in for another therapist who hurt her back.  i like that i can help out.  i saw the look of sheer relief on the director and other therapists' faces when i said i could help out for the next several weeks. i have been where they are and being short a therapist is not fun.  i love that i can help out.  but, the whole way there i was thinking of my little ones.  the whole day i was aware of what needed to be done and when so i could walk out the door at 5.

didn't happen. we got a new system and the office staff was stressed and needed a patient therapist while they worked it out.  i had the sweetest little lady and she needed me too.  so i stayed.  i brought patience with me and gave it away as often as i could.  and i listened ... to an amazing women whose enormous spirit hides inside a tiny, frail body.  she's a lady they would make a movie out of.  a little italian women who lost her husband and child during the nazi invasion.  married an american soldier and moved here to have a family.  a lady who, with a twinkle in her eye, told me to "watch it" because she could get me in 4 languages (italian, french, german and english) and i usually hear at least three of them while she's there. a lady who pats my hand, calls me dear and lovingly talks of her great grandchildren and how they can her naana.  she has a story.  it's amazing.  and she wants to share it with me.  i am lucky to be able to help her heal after surgery.

and when i got home 20 minutes later then i usually do it was okay.  it was worth it.  i was still met with hugs and smiles and stories of the day.  i still had little arms reaching for me and kisses to give out.  and they learn that people are important. each and everyone of them.  that they all deserve honor even when we have other things we think we want to do. that people are the priority ... especially the priority of God.  or maybe i'm the one that learns this lesson more each day and hopefully is passing it on a little more each day too.  for now my sweet ones are all snuggled and sleeping.  and there is nothing more peaceful then peeking in on sleeping little ones.  especially when they are mastering the "big boy" bed. 

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