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Monday, February 28, 2011

crazy children

i have crazy children.  i do.  they are loud and busy and fun and crazy.  it rained yesterday.  it is winter here let me remind you.  so it is cold ... just not quite cold enough for snow.  so we got rain instead.  and my crazy children wanted to go out and play in it!  yes, they did.

and their crazy mother let them! =)  and then we had hot chocolate and warm showers and blankets and snuggles!

and yes, that's snow. c-o-l-d!

my little fireman

my other little fireman

the one who got them all ready in all their rain gear

today was fun too.  want the highlights??
~eli fell asleep in my lap today at nap time and i got to just sit and hold him.  oh, it does a mama's heart soooo good when that happens.  he's usually too busy to sit still and cuddle for long.  a truly treasured moment for sure.
~asher put an alphabet puzzle together with a little bit of help and had a great time "doing school" with mia and i.  he also found his lion hat and decided to wear it for the rest of the evening ... including to bed.  adorable!
~mia is now reading and reading and reading.  she read for school then decided to read every book she could find to her brothers while i put ethan to sleep. love this.
~ethan got some new clothes today.  oh so cute.  will have to get them on him soon.  he had a ton of fun playing with anything he could find in the kitchen today that made noise.  anything.  what i love is that he will now pull himself up onto the little ledge for our pantry and stand there pulling things out.  yep, it's messy at times but he's just so darn proud of himself.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

lots of stuff

so the camera and i are fighting.  no, really we are.  see i am beginning to believe completely that the thing eats batteries.  i place new ones in to take pictures, a few shots later and the thing is blinking that it's about to die.  how is this possible??? oh, the frustration! so forgive the post without pictures but i will try to figure it out tomorrow and get some on here.  for now it's been too long and things are happening. =)

pete leaves soon for africa.  hooray for him!!  so excited for him and everything that God will be doing on this trip.  he will be visiting 5 different countries and getting to see and tour some amazing places.  i can't wait for all the stories and the things that will be happening.  oh, so excited.

i got a word a few months ago about getting the house in order.  just tackling all the house "stuff".  you know little projects that you were always going to get to, purging the closets, rearranging things, you know - that stuff.  and we kind of started doing it a little bit.  well, as much as you can do when it's one adult and four kids under 5.  you get interrupted - alot.  so we have begun to tackle this thing together and can i just say that we have a lot of stuff!  i mean seriously, where does it all come from and why is it here?  do we really need it?  do my kids really need all this stuff?  are we ever really going to use that thing we've been saving forever "just in case".  seriously???  and aren't i really just tired of trying to keep it all clean and organized and neat?  whatever.  get rid of it!  so the enormous purging of our house has begun.  as well as projects.  will post pics of some of the new stuff in a few days when it's done. =)  so happy about newness and all the "blah" that is working it's way out of my house.  oh simple how i do love you!

ethan is cruising and standing on his own.  i am not ready for this.  no, i am not!  he is the baby.  my little one. and he is growing faster then i can even keep up.  ahh!

asher, not to be out done by his younger brother slid into the dining room table last week and cracked his chin.  thankfully he did not require a visit to the ER and along with eli is now fine.  he and eli spend hours being buzz lightyear, cowboys, indians, knights or princes (though buzz lightyear is definitely eli's favorite right now).  oh my ever busy, always moving, imaginative, active boys.  how i love you.

mia is busy as always creating, drawing and writing letters to everyone.  she will spend hours creating and crafting and writing to whomever she feels needs a little note - usually her friends.

she is our quote of the week.  she woke up late one morning and was still in the sleepy state as she crawled into pete's lap in the living room...

pete: i got doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.
mia: oh, you did?
pete: yep, because i know you like it.
mia: actually, (big yawn) i like cookies and plain milk daddy.

we all just started cracking up.  she really had no idea what she was saying and then as she woke up she realized what was for breakfast and ran off to the kitchen to grab the one she wanted.  it was just so precious to see her all curled up and sleepy and silly.

hope things are good where you are.  more to come soon - promise!

Friday, February 4, 2011

thursday thoughts

well, thursday thoughts ... on a friday anyway. =)

so i still don't exactly feel well.  just that achy, head in a fog, stuffy nose, yep-it's-winter kind of thing.  if there's snow where you are you know what i mean.  ick.  thankfully pete has been able to be around most of the day to help.  i am so blessed.  hooray for fabulous husbands.

been thinking lots of random things.  wondering if eli's lip is healing okay. they told us to watch it for white spots.  well, he has some but the lip still looks closed and healing.  just praying God heals it quick because eli is not going to sit still long enough for it to heal slowly ... even with a cold.

my grandparents are downsizing and it's time to go through their things.  it's bringing up lots of weird stuff.  not really sure what all i feel about it as of now.  there are four boys, their wives, 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandkids at this point.  all 16 families (the boys and the grandkids) got a copy of a dvd my grandparents made about a year or so ago.  they basically took the camera around their cottage and filmed everything they had in it.  a little odd perhaps but really a great idea since we are all scattered across the country - literally.  i have to say it is something i am glad i have.  not because it's full of their stuff but because it is full of them.  my grandpa dictates the whole thing and most things have a story to go with them.  he's a great story teller and he focuses on the things that are important to him.  not necessarily the monetary things (they usually get a quick "that's an antique whatever").  then you have grandma's voice in the background correcting him and he always responds "well, my beautiful bride just corrected me. it's really ...."  it's just so ... them.

now the point of the whole thing is to take the spreadsheet my uncle made and mark what you are interested in.  he has itemized the things on the video and marked the things my grandparents are taking with them.  then all four boys are meeting at my grandparents to sort through the rest.  i love that they are all going to be there together. i  love that they are so organized.  it does seem a little odd to be dividing things up though. i understand it's part of life but it's still not really my favorite thing to do.  i have just been praying that all this work in the forefront will help things go smoothly.  that no feelings get hurt.  that people always remember that it's just stuff.  i know there are a few things my brothers really want.  things that just personify my grandparents to them.  i totally get that.  i'm not really sure what mine is yet.  am i just not that sentimental?  do i just not care about the stuff?  am i too practical in terms of "where am i going to stick that in my house?"  is it just because they have given things to me over the years and those things mean more to me because they picked it out for me?

i have marked things i'm interested in but still feel a little weird about it.  so many families i know have had falling outs over this.  i don't want that to happen.  if it's going to mean you're crushed because you didn't get the thing i was going to take  - then take it.  the relationship is so much more important.  i get that things are valuable but isn't it the relationship that really matters?  i mean that's really the only truly valuable thing right?  our love for each other?  the fact that from these two people there are now like 46 of us (including spouses).  that from their love for each other we all are here?  so how do you put a value on that?  how do you personify that into a thing?  i don't know.  i really don't.

separate thoughts involve answers to prayers. God bringing up things that have not come up since we were first married but have never really gone away either.  reminding us of those dreams. those thoughts.  not sure where we are going.  what it will look like.  how it all plays in together but excited and very curious to see how He will work it all out.  why do i forget to check with Him sometimes?  try to do it all on my own and forget that He's standing right beside me just waiting for me to take His hand so He can lead me?  oh how i still have so much to learn.  so much to stop trying to drag through the cross.  it's all done.  those silly habits.  He paid for them all.  so why am i still trying to pack them in a bag and bring them with me?  He made me new - so the old stuff in the bag is done .... unless i choose to pick it up and try to drag it with me.  ugg, just put the bag down you silly girl and let Him lead you.  it's so much easier.  His way is so much better - no matter how cute a bag i pack, the junk in it is still junk.  so here's to putting the bag down.  traveling light.  traveling with Him.  letting His heart shine through me and everyday choosing to be His hands and feet.  choosing His light over past darkness.  cuz it is a choice isn't it?  He loves us enough to give us the choice.  everyday, every minute.  to choose Him.  He is infinitely patient with us.  always there with love. ready for us.  He does not promise to save us from the consequences of our choices but He does promise us to love us each step of the way.  no matter what the choice.  aren't we lucky? isn't that grace? wondering where He is leading us. =)

what are your thoughts today?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the blah

so much to say
but so not feeling well
my head is floating and my throat is aching
and the camera has died again
(honestly, i think it eats batteries just to make me crazy)
i will post more tomorrow
with pictures

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

not nothing

so today was something completely different then yesterday.  
i went to work.  
and i got a call from pete.  
and i made some frantic phone calls to friends and i left - 2 hours after i got there.

eli hit his bottom lip ... and he split it
completely in two
it was bad.
 so a friend came to stay (we love you lisa and baby amelia!!) while i came home
and pete and eli rushed to the ER.

hooray that cell phone pictures calm down
hyperactive, injured little boys 

snuggles with daddy at the ER

and because it was so bad
because it needed stitches and 
because he is so little 
he had to have surgery for his stitches
complete with anesthetic that the RN told us would make him crabby

milkshakes, all food with a straw
lots of snuggles

and a popped stitch before he went to bed
paging the doctor
all is fine, just watch him 
and hope it does not split open.
oh my
definitely not nothingness today
definitely not

after stitches and some tylenol


yep, that's what we did yesterday.  it was a day of nothingness.  we did those pesky little things that always need to be done.  a few loads of laundry, some dishes.  but we got to make a bunch of oobleck (aka goop) out of cornstarch and water and food coloring.  was it liquid, solid, something in the middle?  didn't matter.  it was oozy and slimy and fun to play with.  it felt funny on your fingers.  asher needed to wash his hands lots of times .. only to come back for more. eli just wanted to flick it everywhere.  and mia was all about the drip.

but most of the day was spent relaxing and snuggling with a baby who wanted to do nothing else.  he was not that happy to be away from me.  we needed to be touching today.  it was just one of those days.  he wasn't feeling well and i love that my arms brought him the comfort he was so looking for.  his sweet little face.  those little baby arms reaching for me.  the smile on his face when i lifted him up and brought him close.  so this is how we spent part of our day ....
not a fan of the breathing treatments but so glad that they make him feel better.  so hooray for nothingness and that it was okay to do it.