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Monday, February 28, 2011

crazy children

i have crazy children.  i do.  they are loud and busy and fun and crazy.  it rained yesterday.  it is winter here let me remind you.  so it is cold ... just not quite cold enough for snow.  so we got rain instead.  and my crazy children wanted to go out and play in it!  yes, they did.

and their crazy mother let them! =)  and then we had hot chocolate and warm showers and blankets and snuggles!

and yes, that's snow. c-o-l-d!

my little fireman

my other little fireman

the one who got them all ready in all their rain gear

today was fun too.  want the highlights??
~eli fell asleep in my lap today at nap time and i got to just sit and hold him.  oh, it does a mama's heart soooo good when that happens.  he's usually too busy to sit still and cuddle for long.  a truly treasured moment for sure.
~asher put an alphabet puzzle together with a little bit of help and had a great time "doing school" with mia and i.  he also found his lion hat and decided to wear it for the rest of the evening ... including to bed.  adorable!
~mia is now reading and reading and reading.  she read for school then decided to read every book she could find to her brothers while i put ethan to sleep. love this.
~ethan got some new clothes today.  oh so cute.  will have to get them on him soon.  he had a ton of fun playing with anything he could find in the kitchen today that made noise.  anything.  what i love is that he will now pull himself up onto the little ledge for our pantry and stand there pulling things out.  yep, it's messy at times but he's just so darn proud of himself.

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