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Thursday, February 24, 2011

lots of stuff

so the camera and i are fighting.  no, really we are.  see i am beginning to believe completely that the thing eats batteries.  i place new ones in to take pictures, a few shots later and the thing is blinking that it's about to die.  how is this possible??? oh, the frustration! so forgive the post without pictures but i will try to figure it out tomorrow and get some on here.  for now it's been too long and things are happening. =)

pete leaves soon for africa.  hooray for him!!  so excited for him and everything that God will be doing on this trip.  he will be visiting 5 different countries and getting to see and tour some amazing places.  i can't wait for all the stories and the things that will be happening.  oh, so excited.

i got a word a few months ago about getting the house in order.  just tackling all the house "stuff".  you know little projects that you were always going to get to, purging the closets, rearranging things, you know - that stuff.  and we kind of started doing it a little bit.  well, as much as you can do when it's one adult and four kids under 5.  you get interrupted - alot.  so we have begun to tackle this thing together and can i just say that we have a lot of stuff!  i mean seriously, where does it all come from and why is it here?  do we really need it?  do my kids really need all this stuff?  are we ever really going to use that thing we've been saving forever "just in case".  seriously???  and aren't i really just tired of trying to keep it all clean and organized and neat?  whatever.  get rid of it!  so the enormous purging of our house has begun.  as well as projects.  will post pics of some of the new stuff in a few days when it's done. =)  so happy about newness and all the "blah" that is working it's way out of my house.  oh simple how i do love you!

ethan is cruising and standing on his own.  i am not ready for this.  no, i am not!  he is the baby.  my little one. and he is growing faster then i can even keep up.  ahh!

asher, not to be out done by his younger brother slid into the dining room table last week and cracked his chin.  thankfully he did not require a visit to the ER and along with eli is now fine.  he and eli spend hours being buzz lightyear, cowboys, indians, knights or princes (though buzz lightyear is definitely eli's favorite right now).  oh my ever busy, always moving, imaginative, active boys.  how i love you.

mia is busy as always creating, drawing and writing letters to everyone.  she will spend hours creating and crafting and writing to whomever she feels needs a little note - usually her friends.

she is our quote of the week.  she woke up late one morning and was still in the sleepy state as she crawled into pete's lap in the living room...

pete: i got doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.
mia: oh, you did?
pete: yep, because i know you like it.
mia: actually, (big yawn) i like cookies and plain milk daddy.

we all just started cracking up.  she really had no idea what she was saying and then as she woke up she realized what was for breakfast and ran off to the kitchen to grab the one she wanted.  it was just so precious to see her all curled up and sleepy and silly.

hope things are good where you are.  more to come soon - promise!

1 comment:

gianna said...

I can't wait to hear more because Mark and Sue let us know about your new adventure and Melissa and I are so "jealous" and excited to hear details!