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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

not nothing

so today was something completely different then yesterday.  
i went to work.  
and i got a call from pete.  
and i made some frantic phone calls to friends and i left - 2 hours after i got there.

eli hit his bottom lip ... and he split it
completely in two
it was bad.
 so a friend came to stay (we love you lisa and baby amelia!!) while i came home
and pete and eli rushed to the ER.

hooray that cell phone pictures calm down
hyperactive, injured little boys 

snuggles with daddy at the ER

and because it was so bad
because it needed stitches and 
because he is so little 
he had to have surgery for his stitches
complete with anesthetic that the RN told us would make him crabby

milkshakes, all food with a straw
lots of snuggles

and a popped stitch before he went to bed
paging the doctor
all is fine, just watch him 
and hope it does not split open.
oh my
definitely not nothingness today
definitely not

after stitches and some tylenol


Erin said...

I was wondering how they were going to get the stitches in his lip... poor buddy. :(

gianna said...

Oh, his face makes my heart so sad! What a trooper!
What is it with 4 children and multiple trips to the ER!