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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


yep, that's what we did yesterday.  it was a day of nothingness.  we did those pesky little things that always need to be done.  a few loads of laundry, some dishes.  but we got to make a bunch of oobleck (aka goop) out of cornstarch and water and food coloring.  was it liquid, solid, something in the middle?  didn't matter.  it was oozy and slimy and fun to play with.  it felt funny on your fingers.  asher needed to wash his hands lots of times .. only to come back for more. eli just wanted to flick it everywhere.  and mia was all about the drip.

but most of the day was spent relaxing and snuggling with a baby who wanted to do nothing else.  he was not that happy to be away from me.  we needed to be touching today.  it was just one of those days.  he wasn't feeling well and i love that my arms brought him the comfort he was so looking for.  his sweet little face.  those little baby arms reaching for me.  the smile on his face when i lifted him up and brought him close.  so this is how we spent part of our day ....
not a fan of the breathing treatments but so glad that they make him feel better.  so hooray for nothingness and that it was okay to do it.

1 comment:

Erin said...

that is totally Levi lately -- for the past month. I am so ready for him to get back to "normal," not that we remember what that is anymore, but I am pretty sure it involves sleep! ;)

Levi has those jammies too... wearing them right now. Love 'em.