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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

chickenpox boy

yep, it's true.  the chickenpox have arrived at our little house.  he had a few little small spots on sunday but they looked alot like ones he gets alot.  he has really sensitive skin.  well he woke up this morning looking like a polka dot child.  little red spots all over him even on his face.  no other real symptoms though.  then midway through the morning the itching started.  pretty sure it's the chickenpox.  oh yes i am.  so thankful for aveeno baths and how well they stop the itching and made those red spots not look so angry.

so here is what it looks like after the bath.  almost hard to see right??  but i promise you they are all over his little arms, legs and that cute little toddler belly.  but he's not slowed down one bit.  oh no he's not.  and after a busy day he and his siblings are all sound asleep in the tent in the boys room.  yep, we had a sleepover.  why not?  the two big kids have already had it.  so play on little man and the tub is ready when you need it.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope it goes well and that he feels ok!


Susan said...

He is cute even with the spots! looks like he might be getting ready to grow too...nice chunky tummy! :-)