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Sunday, March 27, 2011


yep, that's it.  dead.  as i d.e.a.d.  my computer totally died.  as in will not turn on.  as in will not do anything.  as in has all my pictures from the last 2 years and will not let them out.  yes, we backed them up on an external hard drive.  buuuut, when we went to check the hard drive they were gone.  oh, oh, oh my heart.  we are going to see if they can be recovered but we are not sure where the price tag will fall.  slowly we are finding out that there are some other pictures.  we found copies of ethan's birth pictures.{hooray!!} and some other so not all are gone but oh, oh, oh my heart.  so sad. 

so thankfully there were still some left on the camera so here's what we have been up to for the past little bit while my computer is so very, very ill ....

we got to see how maple syrup was made

we got to cheer on papa at his swim meet


we got to play outside {while the weather was nice for a little while}

what a pose
such a big boy already
is he not the cutest?
go eli go

we got to revisit the '80s   =)

there is more to say.  there is more to update.  they will have to wait for another time.  i am back at work for the week.  all the littles are sick.  all of them.  poor little ethan has a double ear infection and a yucky yellow infection in both his eyes.  poor little mister.  he has been snuggly and weepy and so, so, in need of lovin.  the others are sniffly and just wanting a few movie marathons.  oh my heart ... to have to go to work tomorrow.  hooray for a wonderful husband. =)  updates coming soon!


librariane said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I'm quite glad we have our photos on an external hard drive, especially since our computer was having some issues recently, too. Fortunately, a new keyboard helped me get it into safe mode, but I'm seeing the need for a new one now. The old isn't going to cut it too much longer.

positiveparentsblog said...

oh nooooooooo on the pics!!!! our desktop died last year too. fortunately i had uploaded all the photos to snapfish in anticipation of this event. now we use mozy for both computers. really hope you can recover them!!! hope everyone feels better soon!