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Thursday, March 3, 2011

love list

okay so today i did not feel good.  not terrible ... just not good.  run down, tired, yuck.  it got better as the day wore on. i rested on the couch while my littles played around me. we read...alot.  we snuggled and talked and read some more.  i did not get out the camera.  i did not even contemplate my to-do list.  i did not clean anything up - not even the kitchen.  and it was a great day.  as i tucked them all into bed tonight and said prayers i thought of all the little things that i am so thankful for.  the little things that make me love my life. 

my love list

my husband is my best friend and the most amazing man i know 
he supports me always and loves me perfectly
ethan is an ambidextrous thumb sucker - which ever one is closer is fine
he puts himself to sleep by "talking" around his thumb (adorable)
the way he crinkles up his whole face to grin
 what an amazing help my sweet mia always is
the songs she loves to sing and make-up
 how she still loves to snuggle up in my lap (oh that this would last)
asher's imagination 
his tender, loving, compassionate heart that is always ready to take care of me
his little grin that means a bigger one or a giggle is coming
eli's fierce hugs
the way his giggle makes you giggle too
his crazy blond hair that rarely lays straight
the moments when somehow they are each snuggled up with me all together 
and we are one big pile of family


mom said...

What a beautiful writer you are! what a beautiful family you have!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love big piles of family. :)


gianna said...

Dane is one of the best huggers that I have ever experienced, too, like Eli. It must be something about boys born in 2008 or something!