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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

our day in pictures

so i have seen this a few times and have a friend that does this great (if you don't read her you totally should.  she's amazing.  check her out here).  just thought it might be fun to try. we'll see how it goes.  so far it's 9 am and this has been our day ...
had to make some funny faces

oh i love those eyes!

and now to the library for asher's library program ... and maybe to the grocery store.  we'll see how it all goes.  the grocery store may end up getting scrapped. see you in a bit.

12:03 - we're back home. fun times at the library.  oh my.  we have not been there in a while and i think we tried to bring the entire children's department home with us. =)  we are definitely in for a lot of reading ... which i love so all is good.  so while asher was at his little program mia and eli did this ..

and sweet little ethan did this ...
isn't he just so sweet?  i love his little hat.  it's my fav.  all the boys have looked so cute in it.  can't believe he already fits in it and that asher soooo does not.  anyways ... after making his bagel bird feeder asher needed to make his selections.

we did attempt the grocery store.  bad choice mom.  we got through some of the store but eli decided that the wide open aisles were just too tempting and they became running lanes for him.  bummer.  into the cart he went and the periodic crying began.  he does NOT like to be in there now.  he's a big boy remember.  so as quickly as i could we got the essentials and left but oh was he just having a hard time.  i was very blessed though.  usually when that happens you get the "look" from other people in the store.  today - nope - got lots of encouragement, smiles and attempts to make him smile.  it was so nice to have such nice people around.  well i'm off to eat this for lunch.  see you soon.
my fav - cranberry, feta salad.  yummy!
 1:40 - the two littlest are doing this and the big kids and are about to do school.  love that the littles are thumb suckers.  i know i'll pay for it later as we try to break the habit but it's just so stinkin' cute!

3:35 - school is over.  how do you teach a child that perfection is not the goal, that hard work and continuing to try are the most important things?  to instill in her every day that she is amazing - even if her letters don't always look exactly like mine. (and ps. i am not a fan of d'nealian letters just so you know.  all the districts around here use it so we are trying to and it's just not fun!)so we are supposed to be headed to a friend's house to play right now but eli still looks like this.  thankfully they are understanding and wonderful and won't mind if we let him sleep.

i made chocolate peanut butter brownies to take with us.  think we'll be forgiven for being late? =)

10:30 - so i really thought i was done with pictures and this post but asher just came in to my room and this is what he had on.  is he not the cutest thing ever??  and yep, he was totally sweaty and totally didn't care.  he went right back to bed with it still on his head.

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The Maines Family Blog said...

What a great day with your family! I love your salad too....yum one of my favs too!
I hope you enjoyed dinner and playing with friends!