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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

too sweet

yesterday was an amazing day with God.  
full of freedom, full of His truth, full of Him and His love.
breaking me free from lies
drawing me closer to Him
illuminating the path He wants me on

today was long
tired children
testing, testing, testing
but still full of Him
His promises, His presence

and then as i go to bed tonight i spy this
left for me last night
outside my door
by my daughter
{long after she should have been in bed}
because i wasn't feeling very well
and on my nightstand tonight
{i hop you ur felen bedre}  
and i smile at the caring
the cute
the love that lives here
even when the day is long


Susan said...

Keep this for the rest of your life...it is these little things that make it all worth while...this from a mom that knows...love you!

The Maines Family Blog said...

oh...what a sweet Mia!!! I am sure it made you feel better!!!