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Sunday, April 17, 2011

cupcake kids

we had a cupcake sale here this weekend.  no ordinary cupcake sale mind you.  we partnered with sixty feet and the cupcake kids to raise money for orphaned, abandoned children in ug@nda.  i heard about the sale when sixty feet founders came to our hometown earlier this year to raise awareness of the orphan crisis and the things they are doing to help these precious children.  when i told mia about it she immediately jumped on it and wanted all of her friends to get involved.  fast forward

we baked and decorated and she and her friend took them to a small local university for an hour before night classes started.  they were amazing.  they spoke to everyone and giggled and laughed and answered all the questions and handled all the money {only a little help with making change}  my favorite interaction ...
"how much are the cupcakes?"
"um $1 ... or 2 or 4 or 7!"

friday we had friends over {read 20 children under the age of 10 in my little house}to bake and decorate.  the local paper came to take pictures and do a story. we did over 100 then my friend took 30 to work and pete came in the door from his office with an order for 60.  and we turned the oven back on.  and i am still cleaning up sprinkles.

saturday it rained.  it was cold.  we could not go outside to do our sale.  but we had people knocking on our door to buy cupcakes!!  knocking on our door!  some of our friends from another church were in a pavillion and in their garage so they did theirs.  and they did great! 

today we took the sale to church.  we set up our table and waited to see what God would do.  we were amazed at what happened as the service let out and people streamed to our little table.  the kids handed out flyers, collected money, loaded up plates of cupcakes and told everyone the money was all for orphans {or "the poor kids" or "the kids who don't have mommies and daddies"}
getting ready
and the people came

and we had fun!!

and the people kept coming.  some just gave.  and all the little bits that people gave kept filling our little cupcake bag.  all the little donations, the change, the dollars, the amounts filled our little bag.  we were too excited to wait until we got home to count.  so we did a quick count and my eyes began to cry when we hit $900 and still had more to count.  so our grand total is ... are you ready?? ....

and with our other friends sales our grand total for our city is $1645.58!!  we are in awe of God's presence and His provision for His precious children in ug@nda all through a few cupcakes and some amazing kids.  Go God!