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Thursday, June 2, 2011

africa answers

so since our last post there have been a lot {a lot} of questions.  i'm not really sure i have any of the answers.  really, i'm not sure i can answer one of them.  but here's the answers to the most common questions ...

when are you leaving?
the short answer is - we don't know
there are lots of variables 
with finances being the biggest one relating to time

where are you going?
don't know that one either
{see i told you i wouldn't be much help}
at this point our hearts are leading strongly toward
uganda but don't rule out zambia

what group will you be working with?
we don't know yet.
{see, i'm not even sure why i'm attempting this}
there are several groups we are talking to 
some we have applied with 
and more that are presented on a semi-regular basis

how long will you be gone?
want to guess the answer here??
yep, we don't know
we will likely be there at least a few years
time for us to adjust,
to build relationships,
to hopefully truly help
and then we'll go from there....

why are you going?
 orphans have been on my heart since high school
africa since college
it was a theme for both of us when we first met
and now is the time that we feel 
God is inviting us to go
and where He goes, 
we want to follow

are you going to adopt?
i don't know
i strongly feel that our family is not done growing
but i also feel that God is inviting me to 
birth the next children
solely from my heart 
and not my womb

are you crazy?
{i think that could have been said before this venture}

what about your kids?
um, they will be coming with us. =)
sorry, couldn't resist that one.
this questions has so many connotations 
i'm not really sure where or how to take it
i guess my answer is this...
they will experience a new culture
a new way of life
they will see the heart of God
they will learn how His heart beats 
for them
for the orphan 
for us all
they will learn to be
His hands, His feet
they will gain an understanding 
of God
of people
that few of us can say we experienced.
they will be amazing!

soooo, probably not as helpful as you would have liked.  sorry.  it's the truth.  we are just walking out this journey one little step at a time.  sometimes i'm okay with that.  God is letting me adjust to this.  to following Him.  to letting go of everything that i have {materially, culturally, financially}.  He is so sweet, so gentle, so kind to give me time.  other times i want to scream at the slow pace of this.  to wonder why we are seriously not on a plane already??  my heart breaks for the little ones that wait for us.  i weep in worship as i think of the things they have survived and come from ... and from the way Jesus loves them.  oh how He loves them!!  oh how i can not wait to be His hands and feet.  to run to them and hold them in my arms and work side by side with the people there to help them break the cycles.  to expose the amazing beauty and gifts that is there.  and so each day is different.  but each day brings us one step closer to where God is inviting us.  and we wouldn't have it any other way. =)  keep your questions coming and i will do my best to answer them.


gianna said...

very cool. And you answered more than you thought you did! I don't know is a very legitmate answer!
I'm so excited for you and love you!

Joyful Living said...

This is amazing! Praying for you. Wow, what an encouragement that this was for me. Living life by the seat of your pants, only waiting in anticipation and complete surrender for Jesus to guide your next steps. I love it!!

Liz said...

you are funny. i can totally picture you answering these qs outloud. :0)
that actually does answer some things, and wow, to follow The Holy Spirit with full faith. praying for you guys!