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Thursday, June 23, 2011

another step

so as we continue on this journey toward africa God has another step ready for us.
as we continue to pray our way along this journey we both felt very clearly that one of our first steps was going to be selling our home.
and yep, we know this may not be the next logical step for most people. because yes,
we are still listening and praying about where we are supposed to be and though we are closer
we are not committed anywhere yet.
so yes, it seems a little crazy to leave our house. 

but when God tells us to do something whether it seems crazy or not we are choosing to follow His plan and not ours {and for this journey i sincerely want Him in the driver seat - not me!} so we began to pursue selling the house.  and you know what happened??  

it didn't look like we thought it would.
we were nervous about the way it looked like it was going.
but God knew what He was doing.
He knew how to make it all work out!
oh yes, He did!
and through a bunch of crazy situations we will be out of our house by the end of july! 

and the fun part is that as we continue to walk through this {and it's only been a few days} He just keeps working more stuff out for us, for the other people involved, for our family!
it was fun to watch Him work this weekend.  He is good...

and amazing!

and so my life just got full of boxes and totes and packing
and trying to figure out what we will sell,
what we will auction off, 
what we will take with us to our temporary home here
what we will take to africa
and that last one is crazy since i don't know where we are going!
hooray that God does.

so here's to another step
and to where He is leading us

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