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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cousin love

ethan and grandpa
so this father's day we spent the day with pete's family and the cousins had a blast.  it was hilarious to watch them all play together and i seriously don't think they knew we were there all day long {well except for when they were hungry!} so the grown-ups had a relaxing day chatting and eating and enjoying each other while the kids played on the trampoline and in the blow up pool in the backyard.  oh how i love summer days!

run and ...
my terrible mom moment came when at the end of the evening i realized that poor asher had not had sunscreen on the entire day - out in the water.  poor buddy was sooooo red.  oh bad moment.  he was so brave about it though {and has not complained once - only asks for more "special" lotion}

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Joyful Living said...

oh my goodness. I didn't know THIS blog was THE Natalie I've been talking to!!!!! Awesome!