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Saturday, June 18, 2011

moving up

mia moved up to the next class at church last sunday.  she's now the "little" one in the group.  they have a memory verse each week.  she is soooo excited about this.  if she remembers her verse she gets a special treat {a little piece of candy}.  so we talked about this all the way home.  and i asked her what her verse was.  and she began to spell words to me from the back seat {i am getting pretty good at translating words from letters}.  and here's her verse ...

"He provided redemption for His people, He ordained His covenant forever - holy and awesome is his name." Psalm 111:9

and her mommy went "what???  this is your first verse to remember?"  well, okay so i said that part in my head but i was really thinking it.  thinking, "oh man, how can i help her remember these kind of words?  oh, i know how much she wants to earn that candy."  so we worked on it.  we came up with a little song.  we said it every day.  we talked about what it really means {those are some pretty big words} and when she flopped on the couch discouraged we just encouraged her and tried again.

and you know what??  SHE GOT IT!!  tonight at bedtime with the biggest grin on her face she rattled it off without even thinking about it.  so tomorrow i am quite certain we will come back home with a piece of candy in tow. 

and i have learned remembered to always help her reach for her goals - even the ones that seem pretty far out there and a little hard to reach.  because you know what?  believing in her is really all that matters.  whether she really makes the goal or not doesn't.  what matters is that i believe she can do it. and what matters is that she knows i believe in her.

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The Maines Family Blog said...

That is great! I loved seeing her pulling it out of her pocket one Wednesday and reading over it when we were there!