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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


so i had another blog post for today.  perhaps i will get to it tomorrow.  but as i was getting ready to load the pictures this little bleary-eyed man stumbled into my room.  he mumbled something about bad dreams and snuggled up next to me.  we said a prayer and he asked if he could stay "just for a little while".  so in he climbed and soon his eyes closed and he drifted back to sleep. and here he lays.  snuggled.  close.  and he sleeps.  in his sweetness and his innocence.  snuggled with his blanket.  safe in his parent's presence.

and it made me think.  isn't that what we all are?  safe in our Father's presence?  He is with us always.  watching.  loving. being.  there are things in our life that this precious little man is unaware of.  worries that are just part of grown-up life.  but he sleeps unaware and unworried because we are here.  because we are close.  and at the end of the day this is what i want for him {for all of my littles}- to always be able to rest because He is near.  because they know He is with them.  because they know that He loves them.  and really, it's what i want for you and me too. so rest well, He is near, and He loves you.

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kimberslice said...

thanks for sharing nat! i love you soo much your such an inspiration to me! i want to be a mother like you and the littles are SOOO amazing! and cute heh :D