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Monday, June 6, 2011

summer starts

it's here, it's here, it's here!  it's summer....and it's hot.  okay, maybe it's not totally hot but the humidity is here and that is plenty for me.  not my favorite part of summer but the rest of it..... =)  we have our list of summer things to do all colorful and on the fridge.  and we are enjoying our days. 

yesterday after church and naps we got out the sprinkler.  well, okay technically we got out every water toy we owned and had to try each on - several times.  evidently we needed a little variety to our afternoon of sprinklers.  the three big kids had a great time.  i seriously think the wiggly water one was the favorite though.
run boys run

here comes the water
not too sure yet

but asher's in with both feet

yet another spraying water toy

ethan was not too sure about this cold water thing.  

he much preferred the lawnmower.  
he did let me carry him through a few times though and giggled each time {sorry, no pictures of that for you - ha ha}.  then it was back to the lawnmower and the older ones and i got soaked.  yep, put my suit on and got my feet all full of grass.  and why is it that the inital voice in my head says "just sit and watch. they will have fun.  you are the mom, you stay on the sidelines."  seriously, what is that??  yeah, they would have had fun.  but we had a much better time together.  okay, side note over.

after a quick dinner it was off to hear grandma and grandpa sing.  their church choir was putting on a concert.  we managed to sit in the top row of the balcony.  i thought we were pretty safe.  long pew, plenty of wiggle room, space to move around and away from most people.  almost.  we made it through a little over half of the hour long show before ethan was done.  it's just too hard for him to sit still anymore.  we are definitely out of the snuggly stage and completely into the wiggle, move, explore stage.  so out into the foyer we went.  we could still see and hear and we still got to hear grandma's solo.  beautiful!  then it was time for ice cream.  oh were there tired children after that.  tired children on sugar.  but a good night.

today we headed to the zoo in the next town over.  mana and papa got mia a family pass for her birthday so actually it's the second time we have been.  the kids knew what to expect so mia came ready with her purse full of quarters to feed the goats and to get a stick covered in birdseed for the aviary.  they love getting to "hold" the birds on the stick while the birds eat the birdseed. 

checking out the otters as they swim overhead