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Saturday, June 18, 2011

what a week!

what a week!  mia has been away at day camp this week.  
oh did she have fun!
the infamous melissa, mia and cousin azy
she got to rock climb, do the "jumpy" thing, play games, chat, watch skits, climb a rope ladder to the ceiling, swing on the giant swing, learn about Jesus and countless other things she can not remember =)  she was so excited.  each evening her response was always the same "mom, we had so much fun i don't even know how to tell you."  she adored her counselors and already says she misses them.  though she also says she's glad to be home because she missed us too. =) 
mia and rylee - 2 tired girls at the end of a great week

her statement when i picked her up the last day - "mom, did you sign me up for next year yet?"  i think she had fun.  hee hee!  the fun thing is - it's the camp that my brother and his wife and a family friend of ours all worked at for the summer in college.  it's it great the way life works out?  hooray for camp!

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