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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

he's three

oh my soul my little eli you are three!  how did you get here so fast?  you are so busy and so amazing and i honestly think it was just yesterday that we brought you home all snuggled and little.  just yesterday that daddy and i were talking about adding another little person to our family.  oh how are our family is amazing and busy and adventurous because you are here.

we were supposed to go to a baseball game for your birthday but it was raining so we had a small party with the family and lots of celebrating.  we will do the baseball game soon my little sports fan!

you have grown so much this year.  you have no idea that you are not really as old as your brother and sister.  you will not be left behind no matter what that means, no matter what is going on.  asher is by far your best friend.  you want to spend time with him all the time.  yes, the two of you have your brotherly disagreements but you two are always together, share everything and are always running, sword fighting, and wrestling.  you want asher with you always especially at night.

you are my high adventure man. you have no fear of anything.  daddy has said more than once that as long as you survive your childhood we will have been successful parents.  we always laugh but there is more truth to that statement then either of us really wants to admit.  yes, we have spent some time in the ER with you.  usually though you are wondering around the house with an ice pack, several band-aids and way more bruises and bumps then i can even count.  you are a busy boy and we would not have you any other way.

you are always making us laugh and love to be the center of attention.  there are days when it's all i can do not to laugh when you have pulled some stunt or another that i really should be serious about and discussing safety.  your laugh is completely contagious and i love to hear it all over the house.  oh how you make my heart light and how you keep us all entertained.  you have your own special giggle and oh i know that means trouble and that you are up to something you probably shouldn't be. 

and yes, you are three. you have your own opinions, ideas and thoughts.  you are not about to let anyone tell you otherwise.  you may have older siblings but that has never stopped you from doing what you want.  you have your own plans and if they want to come along great.  if not, well, you're still going to do it.  you are not about to be overlooked or forgotten but you are also not about to let that happen to anyone you care about either.  you will stand up for anyone and want to be sure that the things you think should be happening are actually happening.  and that they are happening the way you think they should be happening.  you are loud and busy and all boy - all the time.  oh yes, you are.

and so my little man you are three now.  and i have so many wishes for you.  but mostly my heart wishes for you to be who God created you to be.  to run after Him with your whole heart.  to look out at the world and see the amazing things He created and to know that He loves you.  that in all creation He loves you! you are amazing and wonderful and such a precious gift.  your daddy and i treasure you more then you know.  we are always here for you and we love you and though we want to keep you close we also know that even now you need to fly - it's who you are.  we love you!

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The Maines Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!
Such sweet thoughts of your Eli, Natalie!