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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

prayers and packing

so we have moved!!  
ethan was my little helper while we packed.
okay, he was more the UNpacker
and was happily pulling things out of the boxes as fast as i could put them in
but he was pretty cute
so it was allowed.
{or at least allowed until nap time or bed time and then the packing got serious}

most everything we own has now been sorted, organized, and packed.
decisions had to be made on each piece
to store, sell or bring it to africa.  
it was easier then i thought at times
and harder then i thought at times.
some things just brought up memories.
memories of times before children.
memories of little hands and little people as God added each of them to our family.
memories of trips and adventures
memories of everyday life in years past.

it slowed the packing.
but i wanted to have those moments to myself
before we sold almost everything we owned.
no real desire to relive those precious moments while people where perusing our things.

knowing that most things would eventually find homes in someone else's house
i found a lot of comfort in offering prayers over the things that went into the boxes.
so each box, tote or bag was filled with things
and with prayers.
prayers that our things would be a blessing to those who purchased them.
prayers that each person would find
comfort, joy or peace 
both in finding the things they purchase
but also each time they use/see those things.
prayers that the sale of these things
would bring us to the precious children 
waiting for us in africa.

so now we continue to move closer to those children
and perhaps we are closer then we think

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