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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


so a little while ago my husband and my father decided to go skydiving.  it's been something they have talked about for a few years now.  dad turned 60 this year and so we decided that we would get him his first jump as his gift.  we also figured that since he wasn't always that good at redeeming open-ended gift certificates we would send pete with him {that and pete just really wanted to go too}

so we loaded up and headed out to watch these crazy men jump out of an airplane.  they did the little class and had some instruction and then got ready.  dad went first.  he got all suited up, went through the review with the guy he would be tandem jumping with and got a bunch of hugs.

and then he flew off in an airplane.  and we waited.  and we waited. and we waited.  really it wasn't that long but with four little ones in an open hanger without much to do, well, you know.  but we found things to entertain ourselves....

like cones and tipping them over
and a golf cart that the very nice skydiving people said we could sit on and play with {thank you, thank you, thank you!}
and then we got the heads up that papa was out of the plane and headed down.  out we ran and then we saw him coming down and as he floated down we fought the urge to run and greet him.  but he landed great and then walked across the field with the biggest grin on his face.  the expression for the day - "oh, it was a hoot!" {i kid you not, those were his exact words!}
then it was daddy's turn.  he got all suited up and did he look great in all his gear.  eli thought it was great!!

then he got checked out and mia double checked just to be sure her daddy was safe!

one last big group hug and then he was off and running to the waiting plane. he climbed in and off they went up into the sky and out of sight.  and we waited again.  oh that waiting is hard. 

and then we got the same little announcement - daddy should be out of the plane and visible in just a few seconds.  out we went to search the sky to see if we could find him.  and sure enough, that little spec of something turned into a daddy drifting safely down to the field of grass.

and then he just as confidently strolled across the grass to us and grinned.  he loved it as well and now they are both trying to convince me that i should go.  and to be honest ... i may not be so opposed to that idea. =)

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The Maines Family Blog said...

That is awesome! Tim did it years ago and loved it too!