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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

away she grows

oh summer has been fun.  it's been fast.  though i feel like i say that every year. one of the kids' favorite things to do at our new home is climbing the tree in the back corner of the yard.  they will disappear and all you see is the branches swaying and shaking. 

it all began with mia.  she came running in the house while i was making lunch begging me to come outside so she could show me something. so of course lunch waited and out we went.  and this is what i saw.

and as i watched her climb up a little higher each time she traversed that tree i began to think about how big she is.  how that as she continues to climb that tree she's also beginning her climb that will lead her out of our home and into her destiny.  reaching higher and going further with each passing day.  building her skills, trusting herself more, embracing her independence.  i embrace all of this and i am excited for her and yet i marvel at how fast we have gotten here.  how quickly the time has gone. 

she runs around the yard today with her friend and they whisper secrets to each other.  they run squealing from the boys.  they make up their own code language. a language who's primary usage is to tell each other they love one another.  and they giggle and she grows. and she learns more and she needs me less. and yet, she needs me but now it is different.  now it is to acknowledge her steps toward independence and to help her continue to grow in that independence.  to teach her how to be a "grown-up".  and there are precious moments when she still crawls in my lap and snuggles and tells me it's her favorite part of the day.  and then away she grows and away she giggles.

1 comment:

Eric said...

She is growing up too fast. I think I miss her more everyday! Your uncle loves you Miss and keeps you in his heart!