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Sunday, August 28, 2011

the badlands baby

we had a good night in the wagon ~ eventually ~ once everyone settled in and slept.  in the middle of the night we got to experience a true prairie storm.  more wind then storm but amazingly powerful nonetheless.  it was humbling to think of the people years ago who endured the same kind of storms in very different living conditions.  oh how comfortable we really are ~ and how quickly we forget it ~ how quickly i forget it.
the next morning we loaded some slightly sleepy little ones and headed to the badlands.  we got there mid afternoon and opted for the driving tour instead of lots of hiking ~ tired little legs needed to be considered.  the views were amazing and it still humbles me to think that the God who created the beautiful lake near home, the vast prairies of the night before and the views in front of me created me too.  and He loves me and knows me personally and intimately and wants to be with me.  we did decide to get out of the van and do some of the short loop trails that were available.

tired little legs began to feel the heat.  we talked of rattlesnakes and of the extreme weather.  of trying to cross this land in only the wagon we had slept in the night before.  there was talk of returning to the air-conditioned car and we were so thankful that that was an option for us at the end of this trail. 
we pressed on and continued to look at the things that were around us. the things that were so different from home, from anywhere else.  i have to admit this place does remind me of the little drip castles we build at the beach.  do you know what i'm talking about?  taking wet sand in your hands and letting it drip out and down and form it's own little castle.  perhaps these are God's drip castles, perhaps.
we noticed how dry everything was.  and then quickly felt the need for water ~ which was no where to be found.  and the sun continued and the comments began.  asher, "no wonder they call this place the badlands, it's bad here!".  mia, "why would you want to live here?' {we did talk that no one really lived in the badlands}.

oh how i love their perseverance.  we kept walking and then we found the climbing rock.  it was immediately a favorite thing to climb on and to jump off of.  it was conquered quickly and just as quickly jumped off of.  everyone had a turn and it all ended too quickly.
so after the jumping was ended we searched for some shade.  not as easy as it sounds.  but we did find some and took a little break and try to cool off a little bit.  a little bit.  and we got a little silly!

and through the whole thing my little snuggler rode in peace and simply took in all the sights.  he didn't seem to mind the heat or the sun.  he just chatted and peeked around and took it all in.  mommy was a little hot though ~ but just a little. =)

after the badlands we returned to the air-conditioning and continued on to our cabin in the black hills for the next few nights.  it was an amazing part of our country to see and to let the kids see.  we truly live in an wonderful country with so many diverse landscapes and places and things to see.  truly we are blessed and we truly felt blessed to be back in the comforts of air-conditioning and shade.

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