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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the train

we had a great first evening in our cabin.  cozy beds, pool and playground near by and beautifully located in the mountains.  can't ask for much more then that.  since we knew we would get rest and the kids would be up early we decided we could ride the 1880 train before heading to see mt. rushmore.

oh it was a fabulous God nudge to take the early train.  we had the train mostly to ourselves.  the kids had lots of room to move and wiggle and chat and be kids.  the train was beautiful and antique and fun.  it's one of the only steam engines left in the world and all the cars are old antique cars from the 1800's.  the cars are all decorative and fun and old and interesting.

the kids had a great time looking out the windows and moving around {even though they are supposed to be sitting down the whole time}.  we wound through the mountains.  we talked.  we snacked.  we were glad the cows we saw decided to stay off the tracks.  they have sometimes stayed on the tracks for miles ~ or so we heard.

we giggled.  we wiggled. and we giggled some more.  we wandered around the car and tried out most of the seats ~ just to see if they were any different then the other ones.  if the view from that window was different.  if we saw anything else.

 and the views, well my favorite views were the ones of my little ones getting their own views.  little hands on the window ledge.  little faces peering out with little noses pressed against the glass.  little voices commenting on what they saw or wanted or were thinking. little people running from their seat to share a seat with their dad or to sit on his lap.

it was a fun trip and a great morning.  especially when we got off the train and saw the oh so very long line of people waiting to board for the next ride.  yep, early was better for us.  after a little lunch we headed over to see mt. rushmore.  i would love to dedicate a post just to that ~ but the pictures from that adventure all got deleted.  yep, thought they were on the computer.  told pete it was there.  he deleted from the camera to make more room.  they were gone.  ugh! 

it was truly amazing and the sense of grandeur that you feel when you are there is almost instantaneous.  loved the fun little facts we learned about the monument, the presidents, the history.  {loved that they give washington credit for adopting his step children when he married their widowed mother ~ and he's not the only president to adopt just fyi ~ check it out}.  loved how these four men were, in their own eyes, just ordinary men who were placed in extraordinary circumstances and who made extraordinary decisions for our country.  and the kids each got to complete a booklet to earn a junior ranger badge.  those badges were worn with pride and big grins. just overall amazing and humbling ~ the monument, the men and the history.  we are so blessed to be in this country.

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librariane said...

I had hoped to take a train ride when we were out in the Black Hills in May, but ran out of time! There is soooo much to do, pretty much in every season. We'd like to go back in the fall some time.