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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

apple craziness

so last week we went apple picking {i know, i know but at least i'm posting it right??}  it was field trip for school.  highly educational let me just tell you.  i had this vision of talking about apples and varieties and looking at the parts of the apple we learned and how to they keep the apples free from bugs & animals and well, you get the idea.  i had visions of us wandering the rows of trees as we had done in years past  talking and looking for the right ones to pick.
it was not to be.  nope.  not even a little bit.  we went with other homeschooling friends and so before i could even get ethan out of the van the big kids were exploring the small country shop.  by the time i caught up with them there they were grabbing bags and literally running with their friends into the orchard.  there was a vague attempt to steer them in the right direction of the apples Daddy had requested and to avoid the ones they refuse to eat {yep, i have kids who are apple snobs}.  there was an attempt.  it was futile.  the ones they like the least were the reddest ones.  then it simply became a free for all grab fest with plastic bags straining under the weight.  i have no idea what kinds we brought home.  not even a clue.  not even sure if all the varieties we got were even ripe yet.  
 but oh they had fun.  the orchard was smaller then others we have been to.  we had the run of the place {literally}.   the couple that ran the place were sweet and kind and had sweet smiles for the kids at every interaction.  they were allowed to pick any thing they wanted ~ hence the option to pick apples that may or may not be ripe yet.
they were out in the sunshine.  they were with friends.  they were happy little kids who had no worries, no cares and no concern about trying to do something right or perfect.  they filled their bags to overflowing with the apples that their little hearts desired.  and overflow they did.  those poor plastic bags never stood a chance against these eager little apple pickers.

so we repacked our apples into a larger bag.  with stronger handles.  and they each got to pick an old fashioned stick candy.  we brought home homemade apple butter. friends bought red and blue popcorn which we promptly tried once we got home {sooo yummy!}
it was not the trip i had planned.  it was not the way i thought things would go.  but sometimes you have to let go of the way you think things should look.  and look at the amazing things that are going on.  and when you see what's going on in front of you, the magic there, the rest of it doesn't really matter.   it's this moment that matters no matter what it looks like.  these little faces.  these little laughs.  this little reminder of the important things and the blessings that abound every day.  every moment.  the blessings that are there just waiting to be found if we look with His eyes instead of ours.

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The Maines Family Blog said...

Joys of Fall Traditions...can't wait to make it to the Apple Orchard later this week!