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Sunday, September 4, 2011

climbing higher

we were super blessed while we were at jeff and melanie's because my baby brother eric flew in for a few days too.  how lucky were we??  we didn't tell the kids he was coming.  it was a surprise.  they were all in their jammies.  and up the stairs he crept.  little giggles were heard and tori and mia jumped on him.  he snuggled them both and read them their story.  prayers were said and he tucked them in bed.  then downstairs he went to asher and eli waiting for their "surprise".  and they wrestled and tumbled and did what little boys do.

so the next morning with lunch and kids and gear we headed out for our next adventure.  oh yes, we attempted the impossible ~ we took the kids rock climbing.  and they loved it!!  tori led off showing us how it's done.  then they learned the language of climbers, donned a harness {got double and triple checked} and faced the mountain.  and with aunt mel working the ropes, uncle jeff up top and uncle eric free climbing behind them to assist as necessary up they went.  nervous little faces turned into big grins and confidence.  fear gave way to triumph.

this much baby just looks good on him don't ya think?!
and after all that tough climbing the only logical thing to do was to take a refreshing swim in a mountain stream.  oh it was chilly but it felt so good.  climbing over rocks and playing in the small pools and waterfalls.

the next day we headed to another hike and a free climb to the top of a plateau to overlook the city.  eric had laila and i had ethan strapped in the backpacks so we opted out of the free climb.  so while we enjoyed a few moments to chat and spend time together the others went up to get a great view.  again, triumphant, confident little faces came grinning down the mountain to tell me all that they had done and seen.  and again, little legs climbed and hiked and walked and continued on in the heat.

the rest of our days were filled with playgrounds and hikes and hammocks and giggles.  with dinners and picnics and chatting and chase.  with rope swings and catch and talking and bonding.  with memories and precious moments that were shared together.  as family.

and we are grateful for our vacation.  for our family.  for our time. for the memories and the time away.  for the bonding and laughing and playing and fun.  and most of all for the Lord in all of it and for the love that flowed.

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The Maines Family Blog said...

WOW, what a wonderful trip with your family!!!