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Sunday, September 4, 2011

let the cousin time begin

after rushmore we headed to see my brother and his family were we stayed for a week.  it was wonderful and adventurous and fun and busy.  it was giggly and missed bedtimes and new adventures and games of chase.  it was being a family and learning about each other.  it was precious time.

they were super sweet and had picked out the best things for us to do.  so here's how the first two days went.  day one ~ pool.  you can never go wrong here.  never.  their community pool is wonderful.  zero entry for the kids and about 3 1/2 feet deep at it's deepest {there are other pools and a slide but this was were we stayed}.  it was perfect for us.  the kids had a blast.  and with picnic lunch in tow we stayed until we were ready to drop.  lots of jumping, swimming, spinning.  oodles of "watch me, watch me, watch me!" and "are you ready now mom?" and "my turn".  my sister-in-law referred to me as the camp counselor that day.  she and pete had the babies in the shallow water and the four "big" kids and i were in the "deep" end.  there was someone hanging on, someone jumping, someone swimming and someone calling out constantly.  it was full of activity and full of little bodies and full of wiggling and giggling and full of fun.  they were cracking me up and i could not stop laughing.  which of course made them laugh all the more.  it was a perfect pool day.

day two ~ the zoo.  we have been hearing about the zoo since we started talking about coming out last christmas.  it was definitely on tori's list of places to take us {oh, tori is the same age as eli and laila and ethan are 8 days apart}.  so again, with picnic lunch in hand and strollers at the ready we headed for the zoo.  first stop ~ feed the giraffes.  the kids loved it!  they were a little shy at first but not for long. even the babies had fun.

we saw all kinds of animals and even got to ride the carousel.  the zoo is very hands on and the kids got to help feed the tortoises.  they thought that was lots of fun.  eli was very sure that they got all the vitamins they needed when it was his turn to shake them on the food.  gonna have some healthy tortoises let me tell you!

we got to see them feed the bears which was amazing.  we had a little wait and the kids had a great time looking at the fish.  when it was time the kids were right on the other side of the glass and it was pretty fantastic to watch.  the fish were jumping and the bears were splashing and it was amazing to watch them.  and they watched with child wonder for awhile {until the call of the peanut butter sandwich was just too much}

it was a great time at the zoo.  we had a great time exploring all the animals and seeing all the sights.  the zoo was on the side of the mountain so we did a lot of walking and a lot of climbing.  and those little legs did great and kept going and kept running and kept exploring.  and isn't that what we all need?  a little more exploring?  a little more chasing after what we want to see?  a little more childlike focus and wonder?  i am so blessed to have four amazing little people to remind me of this every day.  more vacation to come.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I love seeing all of their smiling faces! It reminds me of our cousin time together! I love you and miss you all. You are often in my thoughts and prayers!