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Friday, September 23, 2011

a little fun

so today i have no pictures.  sorry.  you'll understand why in a few minutes.  today was wonderful.  it was hilarious.  it was unexpected to say the least.  a little while ago we had an amazing message from one of my favorite people.  in that message she talked about a "normal" day for Jesus and followed Him through the closest chronological day that is presented in the Bible.  it was a day that included healing, deliverance, going to the place of need regardless of the plans, raising people from the dead and providing for the physical needs of the people.  the take home for me was something i still think about often ~ what about my day is like His?  am i listening to the Father and doing what He asks in every minute?  do i believe my day could be like His?  aren't i supposed to be believing that?  doesn't it say so in the Bible?  isn't it Jesus himself right before He ascends into Heaven that we will do all these things and more before??  just thoughts for you.

so today involved going to the place of need.  a place we didn't expect to go or think we would end up.  we had just returned from our field trip to the state park and had our lunch.  the kids were playing on outside and a friend and i were chatting.  in runs eli ... "mom, mom, the turkeys are out!!"

oh my!  so out we went and as we continued to explore there they were.  and it was not just the turkeys that had escaped their coop next door.   oh no, there was a ridiculous number of chickens and several large turkeys running around the yard, roosting in the pine trees and gobbling insanely.  so off we went.  naps were forgotten, homeschool forgotten, shoes forgotten and chasing crazy chickens became the priority.  and if you are not laughing at the thought of this then let me continue to elaborate for you.

i have no idea how to get chickens back into a coop.  no idea how to catch a chicken.  no idea how to pick one of them up or how to get them to move.  so we did what any moms with lots of small children, a plethora of running chickens and several intimidating looking turkeys would do ~ we shooed them. with loud "shooshing" and waving arms {highly scientific right?}. and we grabbed a few pine branches and we herded them the best we could.  and we got them to go ~ a little bit.

and then as we rounded the corner toward the gate with a group of nicely herded chickens and turkeys eli came to help brandishing a large stick overhead like a sword and screaming at the top of his lungs.  and the chickens all scattered.  again.  so we started .. again. 

are you laughing at the thought of this yet?  cuz it gets better.  as we got them started again here came the dog into the mix of chickens.  so now we have chickens running everywhere, the kids running everywhere {shooshing and waving branches and arms}, the dog running a muck, turkeys gobbling all over  and the two of us trying to grab the dog, calm the kids, avoid stepping on the chickens and not fall over from hysterical laughing.

we got the dog chained up.  we developed a system of shooshing and "herding" the chickens ~ which also involved having the kids "sneak attack" the chickens and turkeys. the kids would ensure that the chickens passed them at key points and if the chickens tried to run for it in the wrong direction the kids would yell and whoop and wave their sticks.  they loved it.

this worked most of the time but we had a few chickens that were too stupid stubborn to be herded in our fabulous system here.  so i had to figure out how to pick up a chicken that has absolutely no desire to be picked up.  so we cornered them and then with wings flapping and me turning my head and trying to avoid feathers and flapping wings i would grab one of them and up and over the fence they went.

are you on the floor yet?  so see, going to the place of need can be totally unexpected and totally hilarious.  the neighbors weren't home.  they needed us to round up those crazy chickens and turkeys before they ended up lost, in the street, in the field or some other crazy thing.  and yes, naps were late, schooling ran over and made dinner late.  but the need was met.  we were able to help.  we were able to be His hands and feet to our neighbors.  nope, i don't think Jesus ever chased a chicken.  but i'm pretty sure He took care of His neighbors and that He wants us to do the same.  and we taught our kids to prioritize the needs of others ~ and that helping others can be more fun{ier} then you think.

and you want to know the fun way the night ended?  as i lay cuddling with eli and he was drifting off to sleep he was twiddling with the fingers on my right hand.  and he opens his eyes and asks me "mama, where?  where your ... your..."  and i smile and move his hand to my left hand, "here baby.  my ring from daddy is on this hand." and he wiggles it between his fingers and he closes his eyes. and he runs his fingers along the bands and over the stone and his breathing slows.  and he finds comfort in this ring.  comfort because we talk about what those rings mean ~ that they mean his parents love each other ~ and always will.  that our relationship is stable and he finds comfort in that.  and so he drifts off to sleep playing with the rings that symbolize his parents love and the covenant bond that began our family.

and so God shows us the needs of others don't always have to be serious and somber.  that following Him is wild and unexpected and sometimes just down right hilarious.  that covenant love is comforting and reassuring and a treasure ~ to more then just the people that have made the covenant.  and that is a fun day {and hopefully explains why there are not pictures because i was simply not able to wield a camera at those moments.}


gianna said...

I'm so glad you elaborated! THat was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Oh, I wish I could have seen it! And I like your take aways, too!

gianna said...
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